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Daniel's solo piano CD, Whisper to the Night, is now available for purchase, directly from this website!  All pieces are original compositions performed by him.  Scroll down to hear sample MP3's, or to purchase the CD.

Here's what people are saying about this CD:

"From classical to jazz to new age, this album showcases Daniel's extraordinary talent and mastery of the piano. The nocturnes are beautiful pieces, and the Lone Hiker Suite is something I'll never tire of listening to; with each listen another texture, mood, interplay of harmonies is revealed."

"To me, the thing that is most impressive about it is how the pieces take you on a journey through different shades of color, moods, and landscapes within, without losing the threads of the compositions which maintain continuity in the pieces."

"I listen to this album most every evening, and never tire of it. "Whisper To The Night", the tenth selection, is the most beautiful composition ever, especially the way Daniel plays it."

"This CD is fantastic. Very strong ties to classical piano, yet with modern twists. The Nocturnes are haunting, evoking a solitude that is inviting and peaceful. The duet (The Princess) with the violinist is fantastic."

"Daniel Padrón must be a visionary of past and future with his new CD. He seems to blend an ancient mystical knowledge of sound to this 21st century creation "Whisper to the Night." At the wellness center where I work, we play this CD for our patients before they see the doctor. People report feeling deeply relaxed, balanced, and think this CD is wonderful."


Click on speaker icons to hear MP3 excerpts of a piece.

Nocturne No. 1

The Nocturnes have a definite Late Romantic style to them, somewhat reminiscent of Chopin and Rachmaninoff.  However, they also carry a unique flavor that is all Daniel's own.

Nocturne No. 2


Nocturne No. 3


Nocturne No. 4


Nocturne No. 5

The Lone Hiker Suite

  1. Lullaby of the Moon

  2. Jamie

  3. The Abandoned Church


A collection of impressionistic pieces with sections of jazz improvisation.  Each movement paints scenes encountered by the "lone hiker".


Impressionistic / new age style piece.  Already a favorite by those who have heard it.

Whisper to the Night


The mysterious sounding title track.

The Princess
with Carla Boardman, violinist

A piece for violin and piano.  A smooth sounding piece with subtle jazz rhythms.

The Walk of Salty Walt


A fun jazz piece that alludes to an older style.

ON SALE!  Web special:   $11.95


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