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Introducing the 
Reunion Commmittee (will be updated soon)

To e-mail a committee member, click on a name.
bullet Glennda Baker Leblanc    Awesome real estate agent (I'm joking around, but that's true--I will fix that soon.)
bulletGina Borkenhagen Lanphear    Fee collection / Event Planning
bulletClara Broniec Herrin       Locating the "missing"
bulletAnnette Carpenter Wawerna  Event Planning
bulletLauren de Bray Draper     Address collection / database
bulletTawanda Godwin Shamley   Promotion
bulletTricia Myers Elve  Event Planning / Locating the "missing"
bullet Danielle Thompson Nix   Event Planning / contact

Interested in joining the committee for the next reunion?

We can always use more help!  Please contact Gina, Glennda, or Lauren.

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