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This is the ressurrected DHHS class of 84 reunion page. It will go from outdated to updated with a little luck, so bear with us.

The following is leftover stuff here that will be updated-->The Form has been slightly altered to collect contact information in case anyone moves, changes e-mail, etc.  We are also still trying to locate approximately 30 missing classmates.  If you know anyone on the list (or happen to be listed there yourself), please get in touch!

During the reunion dinner, there were rumblings of planning a 25 year reunion.  It's not too early to join the committee!  :-)  If you're interested, visit the contact page to get in touch with the 20-year committee.  

Latest news!  Gina and other members of the committee worked hard to put together a slide show for the reunion.   The slide show will bring back memories for many of you.   Daniel did his best to convert the slide show so that you can view it from your web browser.  If you're using Internet Explorer for Windows, you can view the slide show in full screen mode by clicking the icon which appears at the bottom right corner of your screen (use the right click or escape button to end the show in full screen mode).   Click here to view the slide in an alternate format if you have a slow connection or are otherwise having trouble viewing the slide show.  Otherwise, click here.  

If you have Windows 98 or higher, and would like to view the slide show in its original format, click here to download, and follow the instructions upon opening this file (21.4 Mb).  If you don't have Windows, e-mail Daniel or Gina to get a copy of the Slide Show, if you don't already have one.  

Site updates:

22-Aug-2004 New page containing Reunion photos from August 20 & 21 
23-Sept-2004 Gina (Borkenhagen) Lamphear's slide show plus reunion photos from Danielle (Thompson) Nix.  

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